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Beginnings and Beyond

When Grace Stiles retired from teaching in the Denver Public Schools system, she made it her mission to provide children and the community with content that was missing from the system's curriculum: history lessons about African American contributions to this country and our American way of life.

First, she started "Black History on Wheels" and took her history lessons and reenactments on the road to various Denver schools. Then, in 1995, she used her retirement savings to purchase two abandoned Victorian-era houses in the historic Five Points neighborhood. This included 2607 Glenarm Place and 517 26th Avenue.

Grace turned these run-down buildings into a thriving heritage center that offers an in-depth look into the accomplishments and contributions to our country's culture, economy, and richness. This heritage center celebrates Black educators, explorers, social justice champions, public servants, military and political leaders, artists, scientist, engineers, and inventors. It also features and pays homage to our ancestors in Africa.

The heritage center is also an important gathering place for important community cultural events. This includes Juneteenth, Kwanzaa and a home for historical reenactments.


Our Mission

To teach African American history as a means of helping all people to understand the present. It is through this understanding of the present that they will be better prepared for the future. 

All will have gained knowledge and an appreciation of the significant contributions African Americans have made to this country. Young people will thus be enabled to go forward with an increased sense of pride and strength.

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